Reduce effects of aging from the inside out

Age Management Boston programs help patients reach optimal health and maintain their youth.

Age Management Boston designs individualized health programs to reduce the effects of aging, prevent degenerative disease, and improve long-term quality of life. Based on a patient’s individual health needs and lifestyle goals, Dr. Katz and Dr. Nadelberg create programs that leverage the synergies between diet, exercise, and conventional and alternative medicines to promote greater energy and develop optimal fitness.

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Algae Blooms and the Charles River

“Enemy of the People” In the Henrik Ibsen play “Enemy of the People.” the citizens of a small Norwegian town believe that bathing in the local mineral springs is good for one’s health. The town’s doctor discovers that the springs make people ill. The doctor, simply by...

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Now is the Summer of our Discontent

"I love everything in the world ... except for ticks." – The Dalai Lama This summer in New England we will have significant increases in tick-borne diseases, most frequently Lyme disease. A combination of warmer winters and a very wet spring have increased the...

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The Testosterone Trials

The Testosterone Trials: Looking for Complications in All the Wrong Places The NIH trials of testosterone replacement in older men (The TTrials) concluded in April. Over 50,00 volunteers were screened to create a study group of 790 men. The average age was 72; many...

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Finally: An Explanation of Autism

  Finally: An Explanation of Autism   I have reprinted an opinion piece from The New York Times. It traces a significant part of the autism epidemic to inflammation of the immune system. The same system that fights infection attacks the developing brain of the child...

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Oatmeal – Nutritious and Delicious

Oatmeal for Winter 2016 - 2017 Annual Update   Dr. Nadelberg and I frequently speak of mixing and matching foods to make balanced dishes. Consuming hearty foods is superior to counting calories or trying to stay on restrictive diets. Hearty foods diminish hunger;...

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Light Pollution

Sometimes that Light at the End of the Tunnel is a Train The Effect of Light at Night on Health We just experienced the longest night of the year (Winter Solstice). We shorten the night with electric light. It is the largest uncontrolled experiment in human history....

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