Reduce effects of aging from the inside out

Age Management Boston programs help patients reach optimal health and maintain their youth.

Age Management Boston designs individualized health programs to reduce the effects of aging, prevent degenerative disease, and improve long-term quality of life. Based on a patient’s individual health needs and lifestyle goals, Dr. Katz and Dr. Nadelberg create programs that leverage the synergies between diet, exercise, and conventional and alternative medicines to promote greater energy and develop optimal fitness.

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Why Does Fish Oil Only Work Some of the Time?

The answer might be your refrigerator… Approximately one out of every three American adults consume some form of omega-3 oil regularly. The majority is from eating fish, while fish oil pills provide most of the rest. Consumption of fish is advocated by the American...

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Viagra for $7 a Dose Now Available

Viagra lost patent protection this year, and in a feeding frenzy, firms selling its generic equivalent (sildenafil citrate) are angling for a slice of Pfizer’s 2 billion dollar per year pie. There are a dizzying assortment of prices, from Pfizer’s list price of $65...

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How to Handle a Horrible Allergy Season – 2018 Edition

The pollen count in Atlanta Georgia on April 11 was as high as any date since 2015. Georgia has been subject to the same sort of weather that we've experienced here – colder and wetter than usual. The first wave of tree pollen will be triggered by the transition into...

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