Just the Flax and Nothing but the Flax

The benefits of flaxseed have been described for decades. Flaxseed has a very hard husk and contains several oils. If you eat flaxseeds whole, they will pass through undigested. In practice, the seed is crushed and the oil is harvested. Fish oil is a better source of...

Death by Breakfast

After the enthusiastic response to my oatmeal recipe, I thought I should counter with a breakfast warning. Most of you have been deafened with recommendations to “eat fruits and vegetables,” however not all fruits and vegetables are equal. Here is a synopsis of a...

The Wrong White Crystals

The Wrong White Crystals: Some Insights into Salt and Sugar The Bad News on Bread?   Writing about the American Diet is maddening. Not a day goes by that a remarkable insight, announced one day, is refuted the next. These are not ignorant armies warring by night, but...
James Katz MD

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